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Tools for secure login (MFA) and electronic signature
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Our topic: Access control with ProID mobile app

We’ve newly integrated a proximity enhancement into our ProID Mobile app. This gave us a security tool that can connect a mobile phone to physical infrastructure for a wide range of scenarios. It allows the smartphone to become a true multi-function tool – it can serve as a key, as a privilege for industrial devices or as a corporate identification element.

Our mobile authentication can be seamlessly integrated into your other applications and business processes. Service availability and scalability is guaranteed through the secure, high-performance Microsoft Azure cloud architecture. However, the entire system can also be built as an on-premise or hybrid cloud.

ProID is a modular Enterprise Security platform – focusing on both Workforce & Technical Identity. It provides protection for over 170K users from various verticals – financial, healthcare, public sector, utility, manufacturing, etc. – often covered by NIS (2) directive.

Our Business?
Secure Digital Identity for Enterprise.

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    Modern Workforce Identity

    Tools for secure login (MFA) and electronic signature

    A complete solution for protecting your organization’s digital identity
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    Cybersecurity? The basic condition for growth.

    Modern organizations are under double pressure – accelerated digital transformation on the one hand, and significant risks and threats on the other. ProID is a complete platform to help you solve these problems.

    We develop products for secure authentication

    The ProID platform secures all processes associated with the digital identity of employees and organizations. We develop tools for secure, two-factor login to computers, corporate systems, VPNs and clouds. Add-on applications offer advanced features for managing authentication tools and technology certificates of organizations.

    We supply solutions for electronic signature and electronic seal.

    We design and build server solutions for secure handling of cryptographic material (PKI and certification authorities) for digital certificate management. All this both on-premises and in the cloud.


    Multi-factor sign-in and signature tools

    Digital Certificate Lifecycle Management and PKI

    Our approach? One tool for everything.

    Don’t force your employees to use different tools, complex passwords and deal with regular password recovery. With ProID, you get one solution that covers all your needs.

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