Remote electronic signature according to eIDAS 2 and eSign ProID/Monet+ system

Qualified electronic signature, seal and time stamp from anywhere
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Do you need to solve a qualified electronic signature, seal or time stamp? If you need a centralized solution with the ability to sign remotely even from mobiles, download our detailed datasheet.

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    Document content

    • Legal framework of el. Signatures
    • Types of electronic signatures (plain, advanced, and qualified)
    • New legislation – European eIDAS Regulation 2
    • System for remote signature according to eIDAS 2
    • Integration into the organization’s systems
    • Individual components of the system
    • User authorization and authentication
    • Other Authentication Scenarios – Use for Employees and Customers

    Why is an electronic signature so important?

    We live in a fast-paced, digitized world where personal and professional life are completely intertwined. In a situation where most employees use remote work and customers are used to doing all purchases or operations online, speed, efficiency and security are key.

    An inseparable part of this trend is the digitization of all documents and document processes. And this is related to one important element – electronic signature. This ensures the authenticity and integrity of digital files and their legal validity.

    Our certified eSign system addresses all of these needs and offers a unique, user-friendly interface built inside the organization’s infrastructure. It can become a signer for its employees as well as for clients or subordinate organizations.

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    Why should organizations start using e-signatures?

    • Because People want it. Working with digital documents is easier and faster than with paper ones.
    • Because Cost savings. The transition to digitization means huge savings in the resources spent on the operation of printers, the purchase of paper and other necessities.
    • Because Easy data transfer. Digital files can be sent from anywhere and anywhere in real time, there are no logistics problems.
    • Because Easy archiving. You don’t need any storage space and employees to take care of it.
    • Because Process Automation. Automated flows can be easily created over digital documents or transferred to various company systems.

    Electronic signatures are an essential element for the secure digitization of organizations that need to work quickly, efficiently with documents and administrative processes.

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