Multifactor and Two-factor authentication
for computers and clouds

Multifactor employee authentication is the cornerstone of every organization’s cybersecurity. With the help of a credible external tool with a stored key, it can immediately stop any hacker. Our ProID Multifactor tools can be combined, allowing you to choose the method that suits you best.

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Why choose ProID multifactor authentication?

It protects your data and systems from cyberattacks.

You get control of the computer, the system and the cloud access.

Employees will use Single Sign-On.

ProID Multifactor authentication tools and methods

Regardless of the area of business, most organizations are switching to fully digital to manage their operations and document workflow. In addition, most office applications are moving to the cloud. Thus, every organization faces the problem where any login using a name/password is user-unfriendly and easily cracked.

ProID MFA replaces all employee logins to all systems with a single secure means that serves as a universal login to all of his or her accounts.

Passwordless login – full replacement of weak passwords

Even if the original login is replaced by a secure means, there is still the problem of password verification. In passwordless technologies, passwords or PINs are replaced by biometrics, security keys or a special mobile app.

The combination of these two methods guarantees a high level of login security as well as a comfortable working environment.

The ProID platform offers a variety of tools and methods to easily implement passwordless and single sign-on principles within an organization.

Individual ProID Multifactor tools

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Workforce Identity – Digital Identity for Enterprise at a Glance

Workforce Identity is the identity of an employee in the virtual world. Download the free brochure to learn all about this topic and how to address it within your organization.


Advantages of using ProID multi-authentication methods

  • Multiple and complex passwords are replaced with a secure tool with a PIN (Single Sign-On)
  • Individual authentication tools (chip cards, mobile application, Bittron) can complement each other, allowing organizations to use multiple types of devices.
  • In addition to authentication tools, we also supply operating modules for administrators and infrastructure elements.
  • The server that handles the certificate life cycle can be either physical or virtual.
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