Qualified electronic signature

If the state or a state-established organization is signing an electronic document, it has to use a qualified electronic signature. We’ll help you fulfil this obligation – in a smart, user-friendly way with high added value.

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A qualified electronic signature accompanies public officials or doctors throughout their whole careers. It is a substitute for their handwritten signature and is legally acknowledged by the whole EU. Our solution is based upon ProID+Q PKI smart cards or Bittron tools, which offer a high level of user comfort.

An electronic signature is a fundamental work tool of every modern office

The ProID+Q solution has been specially developed for the digital signing of documents. It is a qualified tool according to the directives of eIDAS.

A private key stored on a smart card cannot be stolen, falsified or cybernetically attacked.

The control software has a simple interface and can be connected to other functions – “one card for everything”.

Qualified electronic signature in a PKI smart card

Our smart cards allow for the easy digital signing of all digital files (emails, text files, web forms, PDFs, etc.).

Cards for creating a qualified electronic signature contain a contact QSCD chip and can be supplied along with smart card readers. They can also be personalized, fulfilling the role of a business ID.

Smart cards offered

Modules and certificate management

In addition to the cards themselves, we also provide a number of modules for admins – the ProID Module. In these modules, it’s easy to manage the lifecycle of users, cards and issued certificates. The ProID Domain infrastructure solution then communicates with certification authorities and works as an umbrella over the platform, including PKI domain building.

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