Technical Identity

ProID CLM – Digital Certificate Management System

Manage the lifecycle of organizational certificates in PKI systems

End-to-end environment and automation of activities

Digital certificate management is a demanding agenda for an organization, these activities are mostly carried out manually by administrators. Our system replaces this with a comprehensive environment with a number of features.



The system manages certificates across the entire organization.



Complex manual processes are replaced by automatic action.



A comprehensive and intuitive interface for organizational administrators.

Full control over certificates and keys

Most organizations manage their PKI infrastructure manually and record the issuance of certificates in text documents. With ProID Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM), the lifecycle of an organization’s technology certificates can be managed efficiently and securely. The CLM system provides all critical scenarios (automated issuance of certificates using globally used protocols, checking of approved identification data in the certificate application, checking of supported cryptographic algorithms, etc.) as well as supporting processes for certificate management (overviews of issued certificates of the organization, notification of issued certificates, automatic or manual revocation of certificates, etc.).

The ProID Certificate Lifecycle Management system increases the stability and security of the organization while saving costs and time.

What do you gain by implementing ProID CLM?

  • Highly scalable certificate lifecycle management system
  • Ensuring security by enforcing Security Compliance in the certificate management process
  • Ensuring the use of modern cryptographic algorithms
  • Prevent a certificate from being issued to an unauthorized role, technical element, or user
  • Build custom scenarios for certificate issuance
  • Define user roles and security profiles tied to certificate issuance scenarios
  • Dynamic validation of applicants and the possibility of signing the certificate request with an authorization certificate
  • The CLM system can be operated as an OnPremise solution in the Active Directory domain, or as a cloud-based SaaS solution with the possibility of integration into the PKI organization

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Certificate Lifecycle Management

Supported protocols


  • Implementation of a generic ACME server according to RFC 8555
  • Compatibility with the most commonly used ACME clients globally
  • Unique ACME External Account Binding concept – tailor-made for the concept of an internal ACME server for issuing certificates from an internal certification authority
  • Suitable for SSL certificates (Domain Validation certificates)


  • Implementation of the EST protocol according to RFC 7030
  • Dynamic configuration of EST endpoint authorization rules (for authentication by client certificate or name/password)
  • Possibility to include the check of device serial numbers in the certificate request
  • Suitable (not only) for certificates of network elements


  • Implementation of SCEP protocol according to RFC 8894
  • Suitable (not only) for certificates of network elements

Proprietární protokol

  • We are able to develop customized proprietary protocol support
  • Can be used for devices or systems that have their own PKI interface implemented

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