Identity for devices, servers, and IoT

Management of technological certificates

Identity protection of technical elements and building PKI infrastructure
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The weakest link in security in an organization? Apparatuses.

Servers, IoT, sensors, measuring systems… Thousands of devices that send or receive data. Their failure of control always causes enormous damage. We have the solution. We have extended the PKI infrastructure by a part protecting technical elements.


Key distribution

To smart devices and IoT. Directly in production or remotely.


Identity verification

Network elements, servers or web services. Building trust within the network.


Data encryption

Deployment of cryptography to protect sent data from electricity meters and other elements of measuring systems.

Central Technology Certificate Management Point – KMS

KMS (Key Management System) is our comprehensive environment that enables the security of encrypted communication of devices, servers and applications in the network. It enables clear identification of individual devices, management of digital certificates and their distribution.

KMS provides:

  • One-stop shop for devices and their active certificates
  • Elimination of failures during certificate expiration (server-client communication, P2P)
  • Central place to store crypts. material – key warehouse
  • Import certificates into a key warehouse
  • Minimizing the need for manual interventions by the ITS administrator

Typical applications

IoT and devices in the network

Certificate and key lifecycle management issue and distribute certificates

Energy and critical infrastructure

On-demand certificate exchange
Expiration notification

Servers and networking

Web interface for KMS administration
Built on top of Kubernetes cluster

Building the internal trust of the organization

PKI infrastructure as the basis of secure identity

The key and certificate distribution system is based on PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technology. In it, each element and user gets a digital version of their identity – a certificate.

The basis of a trusted PKI is a certification authority (CA). It manages the entire life cycle of certificates – from their issuance to revocation or expiration in the event of a security incident. Our solution is two-layered. It is based on a separate root CA and separate issuing CAs (user and system).

We provide complete documentation for certification authorities (operational, emergency, security) and develop add-on modules for digital certificate management.


Offered modules and services

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