ProID Smart Cards

A multifunctional card for secure employee identity, workspace security, electronic signature and two-factor authentication, all in one solution.

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A smart card that will meet the demands of any modern office, enterprise or hospital

ProID smart cards are our primary tool to provide secure employee identity. Our main added values are the add-on applications for administrators and the full compatibility with the ProID Domain.

Qualified electronic signature creation according to the eIDAS regulation while fulfilling all related legislation.

The basis for two-factor authentication for information systems and databases.

Secure certificate storage for access to VPNs (secure work from home).

Secure key storage for data encryption – unbreakable and cannot be falsified.

Custom print of your own design or work ID on card surface available.

Contactless functions for entry, printing, copying, canteen services or company car fleet refuelling.

Types of smart cards offered

  • ProID+Q smart cards – equipped with a certified QSCD chip with the possibility to create a qualified electronic signature according to eIDAS.
  • ProID+ multifunction chip cards are contactless cards that allow for the administration of digital employee identity (securing entries, controlling devices, connecting to meal ticket or attendance systems, etc.).
  • ProID QSeal is a smart card made for the creation of a qualified electronic seal and batch sealing directly on the server.
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Comparison of ProID smart cards




ProID QSeal

strong two-factor authentication yes yes no
electronic signature yes yes no
secure storage of cryptographic keys on the chip yes yes yes
smart card or token option yes yes yes
wireless mobile solution yes yes no
third-party certificate storage yes yes yes
automatic certificate renewal yes yes no
integration with RFID applications (access, printing, catering) yes yes no
graphic card personalisation yes yes no
card/token recycling option yes yes no
setting specific security policies no yes no
card/token is a certified qualified device (QSCD) yes no yes
qualified electronic signature (eIDAS compliant) yes no no
qualified electronic seal (eIDAS compliant) no no yes

Smart card added value

  • Tailor-made card fabrication and customization
  • Smart card reader and other HW components supply
  • User administration and certificate lifecycle module supply (ProID Module)
  • System compatibility assurance
  • Secure card distribution within your organization
  • Customer service and product development
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