Secure Digital Identity for Enterprise

Tools for two-factor authentication of employees and management of digital certificates

Digital identity of employees

Tools for secure login, multi-factor authentication and communication encryption.
Identity of technical units

Solutions for protecting communication between servers, IoT and devices using technology certificates.

ProID platform tools

Processes associated with the digital identity of employees and organizations, from logging into computers to protecting infrastructure.


Secure login

Two-factor login to PCs, systems, and clouds

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Electronic signature

Solving signatures in user tools and in the form of a remote service

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Certificate management

Digital certificate lifecycle management and management

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We set trends in secure login and two-factor authentication for employees

Latest product

ProID Mobile

Convenient contactless login to computers and systems by mobile phone

One PIN, Face ID, or fingerprint. Secure two-factor login to systems and electronic services that everyone has with them at all times and everywhere.

ProID Mobile enables easy multi-factor authentication and Smart Card Logon to computers, VPNs or clouds with a comfortable interface and the ProID Portal service application.

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We work for small businesses,
authorities and the largest banks

We provide processes related to the digital identity of employees and organizations. We deploy two-factor authentication, solve electronic signatures and provide digital certificate management.

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