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Electronic signature, seal and 2FA remotely or in a smart card
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Tools for modern offices and their employees



We develop tools for easy electronic signature both by smart card and remotely as a service.



Our solution also provides secure authentication to filing services and systems within offices.



We develop modules for automated management of digital certificates that do not burden employees with complex operation.

Solutions not only for qualified electronic signatures

Our chip cards create a qualified electronic signature according to the eIDAS regulation and allow you to sign e-mails, files, PDF documents or image documentation.

However, they perform a number of other functions – they enable two-factor authentication to records management and computers or encrypted connection to VPN.

The cards allow personalised printing for a civil servant’s service card.

Add-on modules and extensions

To comply with the Cyber Security Act, the eIDAS Regulation and other legislation, we have created extensive add-on solutions for the state administration:

  • Simple two-factor login to computers and systems that replaces mandatory twelve-digit passwords
  • Module for remembering QPIN and easy signing of documents without having to constantly enter QPIN manually
  • Module for simple renewal of expiring certificates directly by end users
  • Module for automatic sending of alerts about approaching expiration of certificates or issuance of new ones and many other modules

Qualified ProID QSeal Electronic Seal

The ProID QSeal electronic seal is an innovative solution for mass sealing using a qualified certificate smart card connected directly to an organization’s server.

You can easily install it yourself and start using it immediately. It handles bulk sealing without any problems – up to 1700 seals per hour! Its performance can be easily multiplied by adding another card.

When sealing, you do not pay for each seal issued, the sealing itself takes place inside your organization at no additional cost.

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