PKI system and smart cards
for employee authentication

Czech Social Security Administration

The PKI system and smart cards for secure storage of cryptographic keys and certificates for two-factor user authentication in the MS Windows domain.

“Our smart cards are not only used to store certificates, issued by both the internal certificate authority and accredited certificate providers, but also to authenticate users in attendance control systems.”

Ing. Pavel Šmejkal
Czech Social Security Administration

The client’s requirements

Secure and user/friendly user authentication, in addition to more sophisticated and secure access to the internal computer network via PKI smart cards.

The solution delivered

We deployed our PKI architecture, together with our ProID+ system and smart cards. The solution necessitated integration into the client’s Active Directory environment, and an attendance control system and card personalization were implemented.

Hardware: Smart cards, USB and PCMCIA readers

Internal certification authority

Our solution also covered software for management (a card center, email notifications, automatic certificate renewal, the storage of encryption keys, and certification authority).

Benefits of the delivered solution

The PKI system was employed for more than just user authentication in the MS Windows domain since it additionally facilitated secure communication between different CSSA branches and offices. PKI integration with the client’s Active Directory infrastructure enabled other applications to utilize multi-factor authentication.

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