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Electronic signature? A condition for secure digitization.

We live in a time of rapid digitization, when the document agendas of organizations are being converted into digital form. A digital signature and seal are tools that ensure the trustworthiness and immutability of these documents. Whether you’re signing one file per month or thousands a day, our solution will help.



For companies with one employee and organizations with tens of thousands. For one signature even thousands per day.



In addition to signing, secure multi-factor login to laptops, systems and VPNs.



Modern cryptographic algorithms and compliance with the strictest standards – qualified devices according to the EU.

Signature as a remote service or by hardware means

ProID offers two different approaches to electronic signatures. For small organizations and private businesses, smart cards or USB tokens are ideal. A signing certificate is then stored on them. The signature is then created directly on the user’s computer. It’s a simple way to start signing e-signingly in one day.

For large organizations, we offer the construction of an entire e-signature infrastructure, where the signature is provided as a remote service. Both methods comply with the European eIDAS regulation and allow you to create an electronic signature of the highest level – qualified.

Electronic signature as part of a secure work identity solution

Electronic seal and timestamp

The electronic seal serves as the digital stamp of the organization. We have created the qualified ProID QSeal seal, which allows batch or bulk sealing of large archives and individual documents. It has a performance of up to 1,700 seals per hour. It is located in a USB/smart card and connects directly to your organization’s server.
Timestamp authority is part of our Server Sign service signature creation solution.

Digital certificate management modules

All tools can be supplemented with add-on modules that allow organization administrators to automate complex operations over digital certificates and cryptographic keys. They help users update them and prevent them from expiring.

ProID is a comprehensive platform for secure digitization of document agendas.


Tools for creating signatures and seals

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