Passwordless Authentication
and Single Sign-On (SSO)

Provide your employees with convenient methods for logging in and verifying their identity while meeting the most stringent security requirements.

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Eliminate weak and overly complex passwords and log in
using ProID’s Passwordless, Single Sign-On methods.

Stealing or cracking weak login credentials is the most common method of cyber attacks.

Use one secure tool for all logins.

Use a secure authentication method instead of weak passwords.

Replace regular logins with biometrics or a digital key system.

Single Sign-On login for greater working comfort

Regardless of the area of business, most organizations are switching to fully digital to manage their operations and document workflow. In addition, most office applications are moving to the cloud.

As a result, regular employees are using more and more different tools and interfaces that they have to log into on a daily basis. Thus, every organization faces the problem where any login using a name/password is user-unfriendly and easily cracked.

Single Sign-On replaces all employee logins to all systems with a single secure means that serves as a universal login to all of his or her accounts.

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Passwordless login – full replacement of weak passwords

Even if the original login is replaced by a secure means, there is still the problem of password verification. In passwordless technologies, passwords or PINs are replaced by biometrics, security keys or a special mobile app.

The combination of these two methods guarantees a high level of login security as well as a comfortable working environment.

The ProID platform offers a variety of tools and methods to easily implement passwordless and single sign-on principles within an organization.

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ProID platform tools for easy implementation of
Passwordless Authentication and Single Sign-On within your organization

Choose and combine the tools. All of them are also compatible with our ProID Domain PKI infrastructure and the ProID Module add-on applications

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