Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM)

NTFMail – Automatic certificate expiration notifications

No more expired certificates without which the employee cannot access his computer or sign a document. And no more complicated agenda for administrators. NTFMail automatically sends email alerts to everyone involved when their certificates are about to expire.

User certificate management module

Technology certificate management module

No more expired certificates

One of the biggest problems for ordinary users and infrastructure administrators is maintaining the validity of certificates, as they have a limited lifetime. To make them easy to manage and automate processes, we have developed the NTFMail module, which sends information by e-mail about the upcoming expiration of certificates, or informs users about the issuance of a new certificate. This allows holders to schedule the renewal of their certificates before they expire.

What problems have we developed the module to solve?

  • In case of certificate expiration, certificate renewal is significantly more complex than just updating.
  • It is unrealistic for IT administrators of organizations to monitor the validity of certificates for individual users – they risk being overwhelmed by this routine activity.
  • This makes it difficult for everyone to determine which certificates are at risk of expiry and should be renewed.
  • If an organization uses technology certificates, managing them can be even more difficult.
  • The NTFMail module automates these activities, saving a huge amount of time in certificate lifecycle management.

Customized for remote working

The module is especially suitable for organizations using external employees (banks, schools, research teams). They log into internal systems less frequently and do not monitor the validity of their certificates. However, they do monitor company email communications where they receive notifications of upcoming expiration.

This allows them to easily renew their certificates and avoid situations where they need to work but their authorization has expired. It also saves significant capacity in the organization’s IT department, which would otherwise have to reactivate the certificates.

Unlimited Certification Authorities

  • NTFmail places no restrictions on the certificate authority that generates certificates. It can process any certificate that conforms to the X.509 and RFC 5280 standards.
  • NTFmail supports processing certificates issued from:
  • Domain CAs running on the MS Windows Server platform.
  • Commercial/public CAs.
  • Qualified Certification Authorities (qualified trust service providers – according to the eIDAS regulation)

Unlimited notifications

  • NTFmail is run on a domain computer – usually a server running MS Windows Server, but can also be run on a MS Windows client operating system.
  • Once activated, it searches the certificate database at regular intervals. If it finds a certificate about which a message needs to be forwarded, it creates an e-mail and sends it to the recipient.
  • The e-mail messages are sent via an e-mail server and its functioning is not dependent on any particular type.
  • It uses the standard SMTP protocol for sending messages. Communication with the email server can be encrypted using STARTTLS.
  • Notification email templates can be personalized and styled – the module supports HTML.

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