Security of zones and employee records

Connecting digital employee identity with employees’ physical identity: and its transfer into systems for attendance records or entrance permissions.

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With ProID tools, you’ll have the movement of individuals
and other employment agendas under control

ProID smart cards can contain a contactless chip, which can easily be connected to attendance systems and other agendas, like lunch records or use of printers. The card can also be used for computer logins or creating electronic signatures – “One card for everything”.

How does the solution for the protection of spaces work in ProID?

Based on an authentication tool (smart card): with a contact and contactless chip.

The card contains the necessary certificates and can be provided as an employee ID

In combination with the contact chip and modules, it can be used for a score of other functions.

Controlling entries to protected workspaces

Operating rooms, laboratories, workplaces for discrete manufacturing. Anywhere that should be accessible only to a defined group of employees. With ProID, your organization will always have control over where anyone can enter.

Contactless chips in our cards can be connected to the majority of attendance systems and other employee applications.
Our solutions include more than just cards. We can build a whole structure of user certificates or certification authorities and connect them with your infrastructure.

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