Multifactor authentication to GitHub (Passwordless)

Securely log in (MFA/2FA) to GitHub for developers and store keys on an external secure server
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Passwordless sign-in with the second factor using ProID Mobile and other ProID tools

GitHub – Source development and sharing platform

GitHub is a web-based platform for version control and software collaboration in software development. It provides an environment for sharing and managing code, track changes, manage issues, and control versions using GitHub.

GitHub is very popular among developers and teams around the world and serves as a central repository for open-source projects, private repositories, and a collaborative project platform. Easily share and contribute code. GitHub is also often used as portfolios for developers to showcase their projects and skills.

Since its inception in 2008, it has gained a huge user base and has become one of the most prominent tools in software development.

Supported authentication methods


Multifactor (MFA)

Two-factor (2FA)

Push notifications

One Time Password (OTP)


Passwordless (MFA/2FA) login to GitHub repositories

ProID enables secure two-factor login of users using a mobile application and other HW resources, using all offered methods. Authentication with ProID Mobile is Passwordless and allows a variety of authentication methods.

Authentication can also take place offline, i.e., in a situation where the user is not connected to the Internet. In this case, communication with the cloud service is automatically redirected via mobile data on the phone.

For added security, the user’s presence at the logon computer is always required. This is ensured by secure encrypted Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication using the elliptic curve algorithm (ECC).

External HSM server to store digital keys in GitHub

Source code on GitHub is often the only property that development companies have. From startups to large corporations. They contain their know-how and thousands of hours of invested work. Therefore, it is important to ensure their complete safety.

The problem is not only hacker attacks, but also former employees or external co-workers. In these cases, it is necessary to have full control over all access permissions and digital keys that allow access to the corporate repositories with source codes.

Our solution is built on an external HSM (Hardware Security Module), which is stored physically on the premises of a particular company, or is rented as SaaS. This module stores all the digital keys that are used to access company accounts on GitHub.

The keys are therefore fully under the control of the company, they cannot be stolen or exported. This solution provides a truly secure development environment under the full control of the organization.

Using the ProID Mobile app for secure login

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