Passwordless Multifactor Authentication to Senhasegura PAM

Secure login (MFA/2FA) to the Senhasegura Privileged Access Management (PAM) interface

Passwordless sign-in with the second factor using ProID Mobile and other ProID tools

Senhasegura Privileged Access Management (PAM) – Rights Management Tool

Senhasegura is a Brazilian company specializing in security solutions and access rights management. Their main product is the Senhasegura Privileged Access Management (PAM) platform, which enables organizations to provide and control access and management of privileged accounts. The company is listed in Gartner’s “Market Guide for Privileged Access Management” as one of the leading vendors of rights management (PAM) solutions.

Senhasegura PAM provides a number of features to help protect organizations from threats of privileged account abuse and enhance the overall security level of IT infrastructure.

The platform is designed for organizations and businesses that are looking for a security solution to manage access rights regardless of size or field of business.

Login page with ProID Mobile option

Supported authentication methods


Multifactor (MFA)

Two-factor (2FA)

Push notifications

One Time Password (OTP)

Passwordless (MFA/2FA) login to Senhasegura Privileged Access Management

ProID enables secure two-factor login to Senhasegura PAM using the mobile app and other devices – smart card and tokens. ProID Mobile authentication is passwordless and allows a variety of authentication methods (push notifications, OTP, etc.).

To provide multi-factor authentication to the Senhasegura Privileged Access Management system, the standardized OpenID Connect and SAML2.0 authentication protocols are used.

Senhasegura PAM and other Privileged Access Management applications can be logged into using biometrics and other methods supported by smartphones.

Using the ProID Mobile app for secure login

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