Multi-factor authentication to Google Workspace (G Suite)

Secure employee login (MFA/2FA) to Google Business Tools
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Passwordless login to Google Workspace productivity tools with ProID Mobile and other ProID methods

Google Workspace – a collaboration and information sharing platform

Google Workspace includes productivity and collaboration tools across businesses and employees. Gmail for your own business email, Google Drive for cloud storage, Docs for word processing, meet for video and voice conferencing, Chat for team messaging, Presentation for creating presentations, shared calendars and many more.

Supported authentication methods


Multifactor (MFA)

Two-factor (2FA)

Push notifications

One Time Password (OTP)


Single Sign-On (MFA/2FA) Sign in to Google Workspace (G Suite)

ProID enables secure two-factor login of users using a mobile application and other HW resources, using all offered methods. Authentication with ProID Mobile is Passwordless and movement between G Suite tools is Single Sign-On, so there is no need to log in to each Google office tool.

Authentication can also take place offline, i.e., in a situation where the user is not connected to the Internet (offline). In this case, communication with the cloud service is automatically redirected via mobile data on the phone.

For added security, the user’s presence at the logon computer is always required. This is ensured by secure encrypted Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication using the elliptic curve algorithm (ECC).

There are other ways to sign in to Google Workspace – with a smart card, USB tokens, or TPM chip.

Using the ProID Mobile app for secure login

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