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Critical infrastructure elements

Information Security Solutions for Energy, Water, Telecommunications, and Utilities
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Protection of systems and organizations important for the functioning of the state

Our tools will help meet the requirements for information, administrative and personnel security for organizations falling under the elements of the critical infrastructure of the state under the Crisis Management Act and related legislation.


Smart metering

Protection and encryption of sent data from measuring systems


OT infrastructure

Protection of remote access to dispensers, servers and data concentrators.


Instruments and employees

A reliable digital identity for employees and technical devices.

Digital security of critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructure means an element the disruption of which would have a serious impact on the security of the state and the basic vital needs of the population. It includes organizations in the field of energy, water management, food, transport and information systems.

If you have been included in this group, we will help you fulfill your basic obligations. With ProID smart cards, you will always have control over the movement of people in the inner perimeter of your campuses.

We will replace the creation, distribution and modification of complex passwords for logging into systems with secure two-factor authentication.

We will create a functional infrastructure of public keys and user and technology certificates.

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Elimination of user and technological risks

We will help you in providing information security in two basic areas:

User view – a group of requests related to working with passwords, account accesses, third-party access, logging, and identity.

Technological view – requirements for system security, encrypted connections, use of certificates (public and private), logical access control and event logging.

We also supply safety and emergency documentation for our solutions.

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